Whoa! Emails they actually can’t wait to open!

Packages starting at $200

Email should be the number one way you’re communicating with your tribe, if it’s your intention to ever sell them anything.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a lone solopreneur, in charge of a growing ecommerce business, or somewhere in between–dialing your email game to eleven is a guaranteed way to build an essential connection between you and your subscribers.

My most popular services are packaged up in neat lil’ bundles to give you even less to worry about. Have a look!


The One-and-Done

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Services a la carte


The New Kid — Welcome Series

This is the very first* set of emails your subscribers will see from you, sooo they’re pretty important! Do not–I mean it, look at me, do not–neglect this series. It gives you the opportunity to tell new subscribers what to expect, warm them up to your offerings, and actually talk to them to see what they need, without becoming a nuisance in their inbox. If this is done well, your subscribers magically transform into your tribe, AKA the people who will support your business for as long as you can run it.

*This doesn’t have to be just for your brand new subscribers. It also works well if you haven’t been in touch with your list for a while!

The New Kid is a series of 5 emails designed to get your subscribers excited about hearing more from you in the future. It costs $200. 

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The Rocket Launcher — Product Launch Series

Got a hot-off-the-press new product, course, or service? Congratulations! Stuck with no idea how to promote it without sounding slimier than a box of slugs? That’s natural.

(Also, so sorry about that mental image, ick.)

You want to pitch your offering to your tribe because you know it has genuine value for them. Unfortunately, a single email out of the blue with the core message of, “Hey-o, here’s a thing, throw some cash this way, please!” will absolutely not do the trick.

You can’t just offer your tribe a slice of pie. You have to tell them you’re baking a pie, let them know what’s in the pie, put it in the window, and let that pie scent waft over to them. By then, you’ll barely have to sell a thing because they’ll be asking how to get a piece of that piping-hot action.

The Rocket Launcher is a series of 7-10 emails that will get you delicious results with your next big launch. It costs $400

Get a slice of that pie

The Extra, Extra, Read All About It! — Periodic Newsletter

Guess what? If people have subscribed to your mailing list, they actually want to hear from you.

This sounds obvious, but how many times have you signed up for someone’s list, ten kinds of excited for their content, only to have them ghost you for several months? (Or worse, forever.)

This is a service I highly recommend, because if your subscribers are used to hearing from you regularly, selling to them down the line is infinitely easier. However, if your hours are eaten up by, I don’t know, running your business, you might not have the time to craft a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly newsletter for your tribe. But who has two thumbs and the skills to keep your subscribers in the loop?!

(*whispers* It’s me.)

The Extra, Extra, Read All About It! is a newsletter that your subscribers receive each week, every two weeks or once a month–and don’t worry, we’ll figure out which frequency is ideal for you. The monthly rate for these bad mamma-jammas starts at $200. 

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The Generation Station — List Building

Perhaps you’ve been browsing the above options and thinking, “Yeah, sounds awesome, but I don’t even have a list to talk to.” Did you think I’d leave you out of the fun?!


If you think your business could benefit from building an email list (hint: most businesses can) but you have no idea where to find these magical, interested subscribers, this is the solution for you. We’ll find the best way to attract not everyone, but the right people. You know, the ones who most need to hear what you’re trying to say!

The Generation Station is a strategy session that helps us discover the ideal lead magnet for your business. By the end of it, you’ll have an offer so enticing that people will trip over each other to subscribe to your list. This session starts at $400

Find your tribe!