A boring, reliable way through the hard parts

It’s a dark, cloudy day in Ohio—a day where it looks like it’ll rain any second, but it never does, leaving you and your canceled outdoor plans feeling saltier than the Dead Sea.

Luckily, I had no outdoor plans. I had indoor plans, mostly centered around playing the Sims 2 for as long as my wrists would allow. My brain and body were full of fuzzy, dreamy off-day vibes, which was slightly less than ideal because I had yet to send you this week’s issue of R & R.

I was all prepared to just do it tomorrow—or, let’s be real, probably not at all this week—and honestly, that would have been fine. But I like sending you weekly emails, and I’m enjoying doing it with a bit more consistency than usual. So I found myself in a place v e r y familiar to us ADHDears: the Grand Canyon of Indecision, surrounded by walls of “I kinda want to” and “I also kinda don’t though.”

And, as one does while in the canyon, I went with “avoid both options” and reached for the first screen in sight. I checked Co-Star, because I like my astrological forecasts to be frank and a little up in my face. Today didn’t disappoint, since boom, right the fuck out of left field, I see three words that made this email happen:

Keep showing up.
(I know, predictable and vanilla AF, right? TOO BAD IT’S STILL GREAT ADVICE, UGHHH)

Showing up is the hardest part. It’s also the part that often matters most.

Today’s email is a reminder that even though your brain persuasively insists that you need to have the whole damn thing worked out ahead of time, you can reduce your plan down to two words: “Show up.”

Instead of burning up gallons of energy telling yourself why it’s going to be hard, unpleasant, indulgent, terrifying, etc., use a tiny fraction of that energy to just show up and see for yourself how it goes. Leave a little room to be pleasantly surprised by it, if you want to kick things up a notch.

If you believe something will take too much effort, assume that 50% of that effort is literally just getting yourself in front of the thing. After that, you’re already pretty much on the other side.

Because remember: making it happen can probably be a lot easier than you’re telling yourself it “should” be. 😉

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